Our Mission

Our mission is to provide non-lethal solutions to the homeless, abandoned, and feral animal population of Fort Smith, Arkansas. We will do this through reunifying animals with their owners, adopting animals to new families, or transporting animals to other no-kill shelters where they can be adopted.

shelter front.jpg

Our Story

After Fort Smith was left with no animal shelter in 2019, a group of concerned citizens came together to found the Kitties and Kanines Shelter. We believe in combatting the animal overpopulation crisis in the community all while remaining a no-kill shelter. In our first year of being open, we have rescued over 1,500 animals off of the streets of Fort Smith.  We are expecting to finish 2021 with over 4,000 animals rescued.


Our numbers


168 Cats

290 Dogs


504 Cats

1593 Dogs