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It is our desire at the shelter to see as many animals reunited with their owners as possible.  We have partnered with Fort Smith Animal Control to take in stray animals in Fort Smith.  All animals picked up by Fort Smith Animal Control are brought to our shelter.

Animals brought to our shelter are scanned for microchips and photos are posted on our Facebook page to hopefully find the owner.  The national database will be contacted to alert the owner of animals with microchips.

If you see your animal on our Facebook page, you can bring a personal photo or video to the shelter to claim the animal.

Animals that do not have identification showing they have been vaccinated (Rabies tags) will be vaccinated and microchipped upon arrival.


Animal ID

Animals can be scanned for microchips at Vet Clinics, by Animal Control or at the shelter.

Rabies Tag numbers can be traced to owners by calling the vet clinic on the tag and giving them the serial number and year. 


Animals currently at the shelter that have been found are posted on our Facebook Page.

Animals can be claimed M/T/R/F 9 -5pm or Sat. 10 -3pm by bringing a personal photo or vet records to the shelter.

Found Animals

Other Shelters/ Rescues in the Area

Kitties & Kanines Shelter only takes in animals in FORT SMITH, AR

if your animal has gone missing in another town, please check with the shelters in your area.

Van Buren- Almost Home

Greenwood- Police Department Animal Control

Barling- Police Department Code Enforcement

Charleston- Charleston Dog Shelter

Lavaca- Police Department

Oklahoma3 Girl's Rescue

Muldrow- AHIMSA

Post the animal on Facebook!  Post on your personal page, Lost & Found animals in Fort Smith Group and other area groups.  The shelter does not post lost animals nor found animals that are NOT brought to the shelter, scanned for microchips and vaccinated.  

Call the company that the animal is microchipped through.  Make sure that your information is up to date. 

Post on the website and

What More Can I do?

If you have found an animal and we do not have room to take it in at that exact moment and all other shelters/rescues are full, we do offer if you would foster it until we had the room. We would give that animal all vaccinations and medical it would need for the safety of you, the animal and your animals. The timeframe of you keeping that animal is usually 2-4 weeks. 

Foster until we have room